The successful festival short film Broken tells the story of a boxer from East Los Angeles struggling with defeat and unrealized dreams.

Broken has been selected to screen at over a dozen film festivals both in the U.S. and internationally, including Italy, Mexico, Peru and Cuba.

Produced, Written and Directed by: David Wendelman



David Wendelman wrote, produced and directed Broken, shooting entirely on location in East Los Angeles. Wendelman collaborated with Director of Photography Francisco Bulgarelli to create the film’s gritty and haunting imagery. And former WBO (World Boxing Organization) Heavy Weight Championship boxer Michael Bentt took on the roles of Creative Producer, Fight Coordinator and Key Boxing Trainer, bringing an almost Neo-realist authenticity to this boxing drama.



Narrative Short – Drama
Shooting Format: 35 mm/color+bw
Run Time: 15:30
Exhibition Formats: Quicktime Movie, DigiBeta, BetaSp, DVD (NTSC)
Completed: 2006
Released: 2006



Battered by years of fights, small-time boxer Luis Morales is pressured to leave the ring and face his own mortality—the one opponent he cannot beat.

Whether it’s been just to survive or to empower himself, every day has been a fight for Luis. So, now after years of boxing, choosing to leave the ring is not that simple. Luis is haunted by the memory of his father who, having once been a proud Mexican wrestler of the Lucha Libre, had died a broken man, struggling as a day laborer to support his family and to live the American dream. For Luis, to stop fighting is to fail, something he is more terrified of than of death. To fight is to exist.



Broken, starring Jose Yenque, Michael Bentt, Ruben Bansie-Snellman and Gene Borkan, made a big splash in 2006 when it was officially selected and screened at over a dozen film festivals in the U.S. and internationally, including Italy, Mexico and Peru.

Broken had its world premiere in 2006 at the Urbanworld VIBE Film Festival in New York City. Then went on to screen at three more New York film festivals, notably the NY International Latino Film Festival and the Harlem International Film Festival.

The star of Broken, Jose Yenque who plays the small-time boxer Luis Morales, won the BEST ACTOR AWARD at the 6 Festival Internacional de Cine Hispano in Mexicali, Mexico. Broken was also one of four films nominated for the Jury Award for Best Short Narrative at the 10th Annual International Latino Film Festival-San Francisco Bay Area.

And in 2007, Broken continued its film festival tour, screening at festivals in New Mexico, San Diego and Havana, CUBA.

To learn more about the short film Broken, visit the official website: http://brokenthefilm.com/.